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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Factors Consumers Should Consider When Buying Estate Jewelry

By James Greene

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Estate jewelry is a beautifully crafted type of accessory which has a loyal following. This type of item goes by a few different names and some may know it more by another name such as antique jewelry. People purchase estate jewelry for many reasons such as for historical value, wonderful craftsmanship and overall aesthetic qualities. If one is hoping to start collecting items of the estate variety or has been doing so yet wishes to add more to the collection, there are a few factors which they should consider when buying this type of accessory.
Authenticity of the Item
Although not everyone is purchasing estate jewelry simply to have an authentic piece of the past in their collection, many wish for the jewelry which they do purchase to be authentic in nature. It is wise to read up on the subject of estate jewelry to become more well versed with this type of item if one is not already. In addition, it never hurts to have the item appraised prior to purchasing it. This will make the authenticity factor more concrete since it has been looked over by someone who is knowledgeable in that area of collections.
Cost of the Estate Jewelry Piece
The price for which the estate jewelry is listed is another important factor to consider. For some, money is no object and paying a large amount for an estate item may not seem like a big deal. However, for those who wish to carefully spend their funds on accessories of this type, ensuring that the price is comparable to the quality and authenticity of the item is important. This too can be gauged after having learned about the different values of estate jewelry and one who has a good grasp on costs of various century pieces will know how much is too much to spend on an item.
Condition of the Accessory
The condition of the estate jewelry piece is another important factor to keep in mind when browsing the selections. Although estate jewelry has an antique quality about it, this does not mean that it should look like it has been overused throughout the generations. This type of jewelry should be in a condition often referred to as gently used which means it has that antique flair to it yet will still stand the test of time in the years to come.
Uniqueness of Estate Jewelry
Consumers should also determine what they are looking for in an estate jewelry piece. Many like this type of jewelry for its unique qualities. Therefore, it might be desirable to browse around until one finds a piece that is extremely unique in nature. Not only will this present the best look for the purchaser to enjoy but it may also make it more valuable in the end if there are not many other pieces around which are similar to it.
Keep in mind that estate jewelry simply means jewelry that was previously owned. In order to be classified as an antique piece the FTC (Federal trade Commission) requires that it must be over 100 years old.
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James GreeneLevel: PlatinumJames Greene is a Graduate Gemologist and Master Gemologist Appraiser. James has been in the diamond, jewelry, and appraisal business for over 25 years.

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