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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspirational Jewelry Wholesale; The Meaning of Pearls As a Gift

There are so many wonderful gifts you can give to people who have a place in your heart or in your life, but you will have to be aware of the fact that each of these gifts has its symbolism. No two people should get the same gift, nor can you give the same gift to people you have different relationships with. Well, you can do this, but getting the present out of the wrapping can easily turn into an unpleasant surprise. Can you imagine giving your boss a heart-shaped candle, or giving your fiancé a set of sharp pencils? Unless you are in love with your boss, and your fiancé has some serious writing to do, you are in big trouble. In case you want to buy pearls for someone, read this article to discover the symbolism of these gemstones first.

A Thing or Two about Pearls

Before you actually walk into a jewelry store ready to buy pearls for that someone special, know that these gemstones are really dear. One thing that should help you know which pearls are the most expensive ones is their color. The darker the color of the pearl, the more expensive it is. This will help you come to a conclusion that black pearls are the most expensive pearls on the market.

When it comes to the question of what pearls represent, the most commonly found answer to this question is the one suggesting that pearls are perfectly matched with brides. The pearl itself is believed to represent purity, beauty and innocence, which is why it is easy to see the connection made between these gemstones and brides.

Pearl Colors

It isn't just different types of gemstones that have a different meaning, but colors also play an important role in determining what message you are sending out to a person who is getting the gift. Pearls come in many colors, and you ought to find a little something more about what each color of these gems means, before you decide on buying one.

Red pearls are said to bring passion and love into the lives of people who wear them. However, this is not the only thing red pearls are known for. They also represent strength and determination, and they are the perfect choice if you want to show someone you have respect for them, as this is another meaning of red pearls. Yellow pearls, on the other hand, are said to bring the energy to create and learn new things, they aspire creativity, give motivation and bring light into the life of a person wearing them. Finally, if you want to show that you care, and wish a person wearing pearls is blessed with health, energy as well as protected, you ought to buy pink pearls.

However, you should know that pearls come in many colors other than the ones mentioned above, and these include black, orange, blue, brown, green, silver and so on. Therefore, you should do your own little research, and choose pearls based on your own preferences. Whatever you choose, pearls will always be a wonderful gift.

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